shrek costumesAs so many people around the world put on their Shrek costume for Halloween or in anticipation of an evening’s fun at a costume party, who’d have thought that the original Dreamworks movie about a pea green, slightly grumpy ogre would capture the imagination of the entire world and end up spawning a highly successful Broadway musical?

Shrek, The Musical has been such a hit that a year long tour is currently  under way in America, visiting as many states as is possible in its effort to bring Shrek’s own special brand of ogre happiness to as many fans as possible.

No expense has been spared in re-creating the well-loved movie characters in minute and accurate detail.  Because Shrek, Donkey, Princess Fiona & Lord Farquaad are so beloved by so many, it was vitally important that the characterisation and Shrek costumes were spot on.  After all,  the fans would be quick to spot any inconsistencies or mistakes and the show would quickly get the reputation of being a poor imitation of the original movie.

Adult Shrek Fancy Dress Costume

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Thankfully, only the very best professionals in their field have been charged with the task of bringing Shrek and his world to life on the stage and all have risen to the challenge magnificently. In  particular, Tim Hatley has been the driving force behind the Shrek costumes and the proof of the pudding has very definitely been in the eating – or rather, in the seeing!

Halloween or not,  if you want to be part of the Shrek phenomenon, you can’t do better than to dress up in an officially licensed – and therefore 100% genuinely authentic – Shrek costume, a selection of which can be found at and take your place in the world of Far Far Away.

And for those of us who live in the UK –  Shrek, The Musical is due to open in London’s West End in Spring 2011.

I, for one, cannot wait!